Chemistry Text Message Updates

Hello Students and Parents!

If you are not big into social media, you don’t really participate in the “smartphone” thing, then here is an option for keeping up with my class that you may really enjoy. It is called Remind101 and it is a safe text messaging service for teachers! It allows me, Mr. Bornheimer to communicate with you when important information needs to be sent out. Here is how it works:

9-29-2013 10-34-40 PM


All you need to do is text @bchemistry to the number 734-666-0518 and you will be able to receive text message updates for Mr. Bornheimer’s Chemistry class!

Here are some of the things I would be sending messages about:

  • Notices concerning upcoming events/field trips.
  • Changes to any unit outlines.
  • Notices of upcoming tests and quizzes.

If you like the service, please let me know by contacting me using the contact tab above! Thanks!

Please comment here.

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