HW 4/17


This is the very first homework post that I am posting to my new website:


If you get a chance check out the new site! It is not fully functional, nor is it entirely formatted but any feedback on the site as far as functionality would be great!

Here are you April 17th Updates:

We are diving into sound this week. Please be prepared to hear some really fascinating information. Our primary focus will be on mechanical waves and how they interact with different mediums/environments.

We are going to start the lab "CAN you do it?" It will be a two day lab. We are going to end our week by starting a new unit on "The Mole!"

Today we started our Geometry Unit. The homework was Page 442 #1-23 odds. We will review the homework as well as the even problems in class tomorrow.

We are getting close to wrapping up HTML coding. We will end the year with video and audio editing. Please make sure that you are staying on top of your assignments and that you are FOLLOWING instructions very carefully!