4 Weeks Until Final Exams…Home Stretch Info

Hello Students,

We are getting close to finals now! Here is the breakdown on how the rest of the year is going to go by class:


  • We are going to finish Chapter 10 and have test this week (Friday). We will then work on chapter 11. We will spend the last week of the semester going over review problems and getting ready for the final exam!


  • We will continue with two more units, Electric Fields and Circuits. The Electric Fields test will be a take home test and the circuits test will be in class. You will also have two more labs. One covering the concept of capacitance and the other dealing with resistors. That means that you will have a couple more test grades and lab grades that can boost your grade in physics. Here is the Electric Fields test. It will be officially assigned Friday May 10th, which is this week, and it will be due next Tuesday May 14th.


  • We will start one more unit over gases! There will be NO test for this unit, but there will be one, possibly two quests. The material from this unit will be on your final exam! This unit will not involve a lab.
  • You will have one final assignment which will count as a test and that is the comprehensive final project. You can find out more info about the final project by clicking HERE.


  • Here is the link to your final UNIT in computers. Please note that this is an assignment that is due for ALL students including seniors. It counts as two assignments, one is due May 22nd and the other May 29th.