Part 3 – iPads and AirPlay

Apple TV, iPad, and AirPlay: How it all works!

Probably the best way to use a single iPad in the classroom is through the use of the Apple TV. The Apple TV is a device that allows you to stream content from iTunes, Netflix, MLB TV, Hulu Plus…etc. It’s greatest feature in my book is its ability to mirror not only the screen of your Apple devices (iPad, iPod, Mac Book…etc.) but also the audio from the device as well! Once you have the Apple TV ($99) here is how you connect your iDevice so that you can mirror the screen!

1. Connectivity

  • Make sure your iPad and Apple TV are connected to the same wireless network. Your apple TV, once connected to a network will always stay connected to the same network, BUT your iPad may try to switch networks depending on which ever one is the closest and/or strongest. Most problems you will face will most likely be wireless network related.
  • If you are having trouble setting up your Apple TV (should be done already) then please click HERE.
2. AirPlay
  • Apple has a whole host of products that connect using wireless internet. The technology they use has been appropriately named “AirPlay.” AirPlay will only activate, on your iPad, iPhone, iPod or Apple Computer device if there are AirPlay devices in the vicinity or on the same wireless network. This is why having the devices on the same network is so important.

3. Connecting your iPad to your Apple TV

  • First go to the home screen on your iPad.
  • Second, locate the home button on the face of the device.
  • Double click the button, and a little menu will appear at the bottom. It may or may not have apps that are currently running showing in it. The image below shows some apps that are open in the menu.
  • Use your finger to slide the menu to the right. It will bring into view yet another menu. IF, you are on the same network as your Apple TV the airplay icon will appear. It looks like a box with a triangle on the bottom. If you select the icon it will bring up a menu that will allow you to play media from your iPad to your Apple TV or even mirror what is on the screen. See the image below. NOTE: if you don’t see the icon, then you are not on the same network as your Apple TV, your Apple TV is off, or your Apple TV’s airplay function has been disabled. If this is the case, just check the settings on your Apple TV by going to “Settings and looking through the network and airplay menus.
  • Once you have activated AirPlay and Mirroring, your iPad screen will come up on whichever screen your Apple TV is hooked up to. You can select the iPad option on the menu to stop the AirPlay feature and return your Apple TV to its original home screen.

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