Two Weeks to Go!


You are in the final stretch of this year’s classes. A couple of things to keep in mind as final exams draw near…

  1. If you have questions about your grade or an assignment on PowerSchool you should see your teachers very soon (probably by next friday).
  2. If you are a senior, you have exams next week. Please make sure that you make time to talk to your teachers about questions or concerns before finals next week.
  3. Any extra opportunities need to be completed very soon (museums…etc) if you want to recieve credit for this quarter.
  4. Finally, if you are working on the final exam review opportunity make sure you are mindful of the dates. I do NOT take questions after Friday afternoon before finals week!

I wish you all the very best as we draw this school year to a close. Due your best to eat healthily and get rest so that you finish out the year strong.

On a slightly different note, congrats to all our sports teams! You guys/gals have rocked this spring with regional titles and conference championships! I hope that you continue to have fun as the season draws to a close.

In Christ,