Why Twitter is dangerous for the under-24s………..

Here is an article written to warn those who use twitter as a sounding board that “Maybe you should think before you tweet!”

Why Twitter is dangerous for the under-24s………...



3 thoughts on “Why Twitter is dangerous for the under-24s………..

  1. So this begs the question Mr. B, is it good for a second grade class to have a twitter page? I’m not very familiar with all the ‘friending’ equivalent on twitter but couldn’t anybody post on their page?

    • ahhh this raises a good point. When facilitated by an adult who is aware of said arguments and dangers of social media I truly believe it is ok! Second graders being shown how to use twitter by a teacher will be better stewards of social media as they get older!

      • I certainly hope they do a better job than the people illustrated in the article! Glad they have a teacher overseeing it as well.

        On an off note, how do I change my picture from the pink nose guy?

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