Exhibits this Summer – Experience the World

UntitledHello Students,

So you are just about done. As you look to your summer, what do you plan to do? Here are some suggestions that you may find interesting:

Detroit Institute of Arts – Inside/Out Exhibit

See famous reproductions of classical artwork all around detroit! Make a scavenger hunt and family day out of experiencing the arts!

Science and Industry Museum  Chicago – Animals Inside Out!

If biology is your thing then check out this really neat exhibit where they remove the skin of the animals to reveal what is beneath! Dissecting animals has never become more fascinating!

Of course there are other great opportunities close to home. Cranbrook Institute of Arts has a great dinosaur exhibit coming this June and a great planetarium that you may want to take advantage of. There is also the Hands On Museum in Ann Arbor near Kerrytown. If you are feeling really adventurous then you should go explore the fairy doors of downtown Northville. Whatever you decide to do this summer, try to make a museum or local art a part of it. Have a blessed summer!