Screencasting and Flipped Classroom Resources

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One of the many things I have found is that, there are just a LOT of resources (free and paid) that are available for screencasting. I find that as a current science teacher and formally a math teacher, the “whiteboard” style screencast is an effective tool for delivering content to students. As part of my “flipped classroom quest” I have kept a running record of the websites, software…etc I have found useful. This page is designed more for teachers who DON’T have an ipad or tablet PC and are looking for resources. If you do have an iPad then I suggest you visit my “Apple in Education” PD series by clicking HERE. I hope that the resources below help! Check them out below:

Resources Checklist:

**Tablet w/ Pen for use with Mac or PC.

**Software that allows me to write in “whiteboard” mode.

**Software that can record the screen so I can post my videos to YouTube.

**Other Resources

Annotation Tablets (NOT tablet PC’s)

Wacom Tablets  (not sure which one to buy? CLICK HERE)

Software that allows me to write in “whiteboard” mode.

Class Presenter

Camtasia Add-On for PowerPoint (See Next Section)

AutoDesk (comes with the Wacom Software Package)

Smooth Draw

Software that can record the screen so I can post my videos to YouTube

*A quick note. If you use an iPad which some people will recommend, and others will not, then I suggest you use the apps “Explain Everything” or “ShowMe.”

Camtasia Studio (Mac of PC) (my preference)

Active Presenter


Other Resources

What does Sal Kahn use for the Kahn Academy Videos? CLICK HERE

Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day***

FLN (Flipped Learning Network)***

Flipped Classroom Examples***

***Note: There are a lot of resources here about the flipped classroom. The reason for this, is that the screencasting model is really very closely associated with this classroom instruction method/model. I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to look into the flipped classroom if you are interested in screencasting.