Day Two 9-4-13 #ahsphysics #ahschemistry

Hello Students,

I hope that you had a great first day of class. I know for many of you it was sweltering in my room by the end of the day, however you all handled it like champs. Just a couple of reminders…


Please check out the chem blog at  for homework and activity updates. Everything you will need for chem should be looked at and acquired via this site!


So, first off, my apologies to third hour for not handing out the HW packet. Because the packet is accessible online however and nothing from the packet is due tomorrow, you are still going to be responsible for the original time table which is to have the first two pages done by Friday and the third by Monday. This should be a relatively easy task considering that all the material is review! Below is a list of the homework you are expected to have completed for tomorrow and Friday:


  • Syllabus Quiz


  • Books Covered
  • About Me Form
  • First two pages of your homework packet.

You will have a homework QUIZ on friday over the homework packet material. 

I hope you all have a great night, and I will see you all in class tomorrow!

Mr. B


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