Getting Started – Chem Students #ahschemistry

Hey Chem Students,

So many of you are probably wondering where is this? Where is that? Well, normally everything we want you to have access to is going to be found on the RIGHT hand side of this page in one of the first few links. However, here is a quick link menu so you can get some of these items out of the way with ease…

Unit 1 Outline 

(You should all print and keep a copy of this in your binders)


Mr. Bornheimer’s Syllabus Quiz 

(Only for Mr. Bornheimer’s Chemistry Students)

About Me Online Form

How to use the AHS Chemistry Page VIDEO

For this week you should have the following done for homework…

  • Syllabus Quiz (due 9/5) for Mr. Bornheimer’s Students ONLY!
  • About Me Form (due 9/6)
  • Textbooks Covered (due 9/6)
  • Safety Contracts Signed (due 9/6 no later!!!)
  • Page 20-22 #12-15 on page 22 (due 9/6)
Upcoming Assessments…
You will have a lab safety quiz on Monday 9/9. Get pumped!