Thursday 9/5 Update #ahschemistry #ahsphysics


We are almost done with the first week! To all my students, make sure the following are done by the time you get into my class tomorrow:

About Me Form
Textbooks need to be covered

Just so you all know, the syllabus quiz is no longer available. It needed to be completed by Thursday (today). If you have questions about this please just let me know.


We have a homework quiz tomorrow! Please make sure you have your work done and you can explain your answers!


Page 22 #12-15 needs to be completed. It will be collected. Your safety contracts also need to be signed because they also will be collected! There will be a safety QUIZ on Monday!

Considering how many different assignments you have had this week I give you all a lot of credit for keeping it all straight. I am truly looking forward to having you all in my courses this year and I hope that you all get a chance to come to the home football game against Seaholm tomorrow night!

see you tomorrow,

Mr. B