Week two, here we go! #ahsphysics #ahschemistry

Hey Students!

I hope that you are having a GREAT week! Here are some of the upcoming items of interest for you.


  • Please take that Safety Quiz tonight! The link to access the page it is on is HERE.
  • Make sure you check the solutions to this unit’s homework posted on the UNIT 1 webpage.  I have included explanations.
  • Lastly, if you haven’t gotten me the safety contract then you MUST get it to me by tomorrow!


  • Make sure you are all staying on top of your homework! Here is the link to the UNIT 1 outline so you see what the homework for this week is!
  • You have BOOK WORK which is assigned for tonight and tomorrow night. We will collect it WEDNESDAY!
  • You have a test coming up a week from Tomorrow!

These are just some quick updates for you. Remember, if you have questions at anytime please feel free to email or contact me using the contact form HERE.

Have a great night!

Mr. B