Important Homecoming Week Updates (9/23) #ahschemistry #ahsphysics

Hello Students!

This week is going to prove to be quite the week! We have plenty on the schedule as far as school activities are concerned. I have put together a tentative schedule for the week so that you know what to expect as we go throughout the week towards this homecoming weekend!

Here is the schedule:


Monday – Finish Atomic Mass Chem Quest and Review Chem Quests I and II. (HW Test Review Questions #1-5)

Tuesday – QUIZ over protons, neutrons, and electrons. (HW Test Review Questions #6-9)

Wednesday – Computer Lab Activity Concerning Periodic Trends (HW Test Review Questions #10-11)

Thursday – Trends in Size Chem Quest III (HW Test Review Questions #12-15)

Friday – Chem Quest III Continued (HW Test Review Questions #16-17)


For those of you in physics, I know that last week we took a lot of notes. Well, we have just a day or two more of that and then we are in the lab. I am attaching a topics sheet that you may want to look at for the test. You can visit it HERE. If you have questions about the homework make sure you let me know before Wednesday. We will have time in class tomorrow to go over some of the hw problems.

I hope you all have a great week of festivities!