Homework Questions????? #ahsphysics #ahschemistry


Ever get to a problem on your homework and go….WHAT?! Well despite our best efforts as teachers there are going to be times when you might not understand something! Don’t pull your hair out! Instead post your question on the BClassroom Homework Questions Page!

PHYSICS students! There has already been a question posted about #2 on tonights homework! Sooooo, if you have a question about #2 check out the HW question page for possible insights!

New Videos

CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS students! There are new tutorial videos posted on the respective youtube playlists for the units we are currently studying (thermochemistry in chemistry and momentum in physics). If you are interested in checking out these playlists you can find them at the bottom of the Physics – Unit 06 & Chemistry – Unit 06 webpages!

Updated Notes

Finally, notes from today have been posted on both pages as well! Have a great night!

Mr. B