Important Physics and Chemistry Updates! #ahsphysics #ahschemistry

Hello Students,

There are several updates I want to bring to your attention!


  • Your homework quiz has been moved up to tomorrow! Make sure your homework is completed by then!
  • I need Cedar Point money and permissions slips by February 5th! That is the day before parent teacher conferences! If I don’t have it by then, you don’t go 😦
  • We have a lab on Friday, therefore make sure you come with closed toed shoes and ready to work! I doubt I will have to worry about sandals given the weather.


  • You have a test Friday! Make sure you are staying focused and reviewing!
  • The last reading quiz is going to go online tonight around 8:30 pm. I will try and remember to post information stating that it is open at that time!

I hope you all stay warm given that PV2 has descended upon us!

P.S. I have made a few changes to the Physics Unit 06 Page. If you get a chance, please let me know what you think (the quick links that jump down the page). If you have suggestions on how to improve the flow of this website or ideas on how information should be presented please let me know! Have a great day!

1233_335583159_2644Mr. B