Bridges, Electrons, and the Olympics Oh My! #ahsphysics #ahschemistry


What a crazy week it is turning out to be! We are building bridges and working through the engineering process in physics, looking at electrons and their importance in chemistry, and all while the greatest competion of human feats is happening halfway around the world (I would like to include the amazing physics involved in Olympic sports).

I have some updates for my chemistry and physics students:


  • First, we are going to be testing our bridges on Thursday and Friday. I will be filming the bridge’s test run and then I will post the video to YouTube. You will need the video for your final evaluation of your bridge design and performance.
  • Second, I have posted the rubrics for the bridge design, construction and performance on the bridge building project page. You can also visit each document by clicking on the links below:
  • Lastly, I have posted the Hill Auditorium field trip permission slip on the field trips page. You can also access the file by CLICKING HERE. You should be able to download it, print it, sign and return it. NO pre-approval form needs to be filled out because this is a trip I put together. However, remember that if you would like to complete an extra credit opportunity over break you will need to have it PRE-APPROVED! You can do so by going to the Extra Credit Prior Approval Form Here. 


  • We have started a GREAT unit on electrons in the ATOM! I am super pumped. Ok, that is point number one!
  • Two, you can print off a notes guide and the presentations if you so desire by going to the Chemistry – Unit 08 webpage. (CLICK HERE TO GO THERE NOW!)
  • Third, I have posted some really great online activities which can be found under the “Textbook Resources” heading on the Unit 08 page. I strongly encourage you to check them out!

I hope you all have a great night!

Mr. B