Twitter Chats for Educators

10 Twitter Chats for Educators

Are you on twitter? “hashtag” Awesome! If not, you should check it out and learn about this tweeting craze and hashtag mania! Almost every day of the week there are Twitter Chats happening with educators from all over the world who engage in conversation about relevant ideas and practices in education. These chats occur every week and are usually facilitated by an educator on twitter. You can either get in the action or just follow the tweets. You can check out these chats by joining Twitter (if you haven’t already) and search the following “hashtags”:

  • #edtechchat (Monday at 8pm EST) “Educational Technology”
  • #flipclass (Monday at 8pm EST) “Flipped Classroom”
  • #edchat (Tuesday at 7pm EST) “General Education”
  • #spedchat (Tuesday at 9pm EST) “Special Education”
  • #STEMchat (Tuesday at 9pm EST) “STEM”
  • #ntchat (Wednesday at 8pm EST) “New Teachers”
  • #ptchat (Wednesday at 9pm EST) “Parents and Teachers”
  • #gtchat (Friday at 7pm EST) “Gifted and Talented”
  • #satchat (Saturday at 7:30am EST) “General Education”
  • #21stedchat (Sunday at 8pm EST) “21st Century Learning”

If you are completely lost on the whole “Twitter” thing then feel free to contact me and I will help you out! It is a great way to meet educators with your same educational passions!