Social Media Etiquette: Helping Students See the Big Picture

social_media_etiquetteSocial media is an incredibly important tool in today’s society. According to the article “How is Social Media Used in Schools?” by Shea Bennett, 96% of all students with access to the internet have reported using some form of social media.

When I was in high school (not that many years ago), the big thing was MySpace. Everyone had a myspace, with their fancy wallpapers and the music players. Then when I got to college, Facebook came on the scene! At first it was exclusive, meant only for the college student, but then it exploded with over 1 billion users and counting. Now, today, our social media young are turning to Twitter. The social media of generation Z! Twitter with its 160 character limit has taken off. Adults, teens, and children alike find the ability to follow and tweet quite addicting. The hashtag has integrated with modern culture and has been featured as recently as late night television with Jimmy Fallon.

However, how much do our students today really know about the implications of the “tweet?” An article published by the New York Times titled “They Loved Your GPA Until They Saw Your Tweets” last November suggests that many students may be social media users but possibly lack social media etiquette. It is easy to write exactly what we are thinking without recognizing the fact that our audience is anyone and everyone.

Internet Marketing Ninja’s has a great article by Amy Smarty called “8 Infographics to Understand Social Media Etiquette” that helps to make people aware of good social media etiquette through the use of info graphics. If you, like me, use social media a lot it is worth your time. This is just another step towards helping students and adults become better digital citizens by monitoring their digital foot print. I would encourage you to check out the attached articles, they are worth a glance!