Physics Unit 09 “Sound” Practice Problem Set #ahsphysics

Hello Physics Students!

Today you were supposed to receive your Unit 09 practice problem set. However, given the fact that tonight Avondale Theater Company opens it’s show "Working" and sports are in full swing I am going to just post your problem set ONLINE and extended the due date to next Wednesday!

Here is the LINK (<– Click this) to your problem set. There are many problems that are crossed out. You do NOT need to complete them. However, you do need to attempt every problem that is not crossed out! If you have any questions please contact me immediately!

If you are having technical difficulties accessing the above document they need to be brought to my attention no later than Sunday night. After that, you are still responsible for obtaining access to the document and completing the work. Time will be given next week in class to answer some questions HOWEVER, it would really help me out if you could submit questions ahead of time using the HOMEWORK QUESTIONS FORUM! (<– Click This)

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. B