Essential App! Free today!

Transferable_PRO_-_wifi_photo_transfer__on_the_App_Store_on_iTunesHave you ever heard of transferable? Well, if you haven’t look it up in the app store. This simple app is great! What is it you ask? Well, have you ever wanted to get images off your iDevice and lacked the proper computer, cord, or knowhow? Well, transferable fixes that!

Transferable is an app that bridges your phone to your desired device via wifi. If you are using it on a school computer as a teacher, then the odds are if you have a school wifi network the app will speak to your hardwired computer as well.

Transferable creates a unique address that you can type into your browser and it brings up your photos on your computer. BUT, that is not all! Transferable allows you to also download those photos OR upload photos to your device!

No cloud spaces, no cords, AND it works with both MAC and PC. Check it out today by CLICKING HERE! It is free for a limited time (TODAY!) but is only $1.99 on a regular basis! Don’t miss out!

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Note: I found transferable through Apps Gone Free. It might be easier to find it through that app.