NEW Audio Broadcasts! #iPadio

Hey Parents!

After having tried a few different tools I bring to you a great new communication tool called iPadio! This tool is great because it combines the need to communicate with the accessibility of smartphones, tablets, and computers. I will be using this tool to create audio podcast updates periodically. Now, I know sometimes it is hard to keep track of all thats going on so here is the beauty of this tool, you can subscribe to it using a RSS feed or the podcast app on any smart device. This allows you (or your student) to receive notifications on their personal devices.

A03_iOS Iconpple Device Instructions

If you or your student want to give this a shot all you have to do if you have ANY iDevice (iPod, iPhone, iPad) is to CLICK HERE FOR iDEVICE LINK. (This will re-route you to the iDevice podcast app where it will ask you if you want to subscribe. Click yes!)

04_Windows IconComputer Integration02_Apple Icon


If you own a Mac or PC with iTunes installed the best way to subscribe to my audio podcasts is to open iTunes and select “File” and go to “Subscribe to Podcast…”

Then paste this URL into the space:

You should then receive automatic updates to my podcast if iTunes is open.

01_Android IconAndroid Device Integration

If you own an android device then you can just click HERE and visit the site where I host my updated links. Here you can listen to all of my recordings or just the one you are looking for. If you are looking for a way to get notifications you will need an RSS feed reader like Feedly.

Lastly, you can always find the audio updates here on For more information watch the video below!