FREE Summer Math Program

Every year students fly out the door as the spring flowers begin to fade and the summer heat begins. In the flood of summer activities that will soon follow it is no wonder that students slip a little in their studies. The disciplined routine that teachers worked so hard to build becomes a faded remnant. In the absence of any academic studies it is a documented fact that many student’s ability to recall or practice skills obtained becomes diminished. Teachers often times start the following year with review content in the hopes of sparking some fire that would help to bring the routine and skills previously obtained out of wood and back into roaring blaze.

As a parent, if your son or daughter already struggles in mathematics this 10 week hiatus from school can be equally if not harder to bounce back from. There is a solution. What if you could have your students work on math problems that were geared to their ability. Questions that were fun, engaging and didn’t involve homework? Have some down time in the car on the family vacation? Are your students spending too much time in front of the TV or on video games? Are they coming to you and saying they are bored? While summer break is just that…a break, it doesn’t change the fact that the routine of school is a healthy one and that a complete break can actually hurt a student’s ability to make progress, especially in areas where they have less confidence.

Amazon has a company called TenMarks which is a free summer math program for students who need a little reinforcement but for parents who want to protect that “summer break” time. If you feel like this is something you might be interested in check it out by clicking on the link here: