The Last iPhone Purge You Will Ever Have to Do. Thank you iOS 9!

Have you ever had your iPhone tell you there was a software update available for your device? So, then you as a good iPhone user (or iPad user) go to install the update only to find out that the tiny 16 GB device you call your own can’t update because there isn’t enough room for the update. If this is you, you are not alone. Every year droves of Apple device users find themselves performing the annual “purge” of apps, music, and pictures so that we can update to the new iOS to take advantage of many long awaited improvements. Well I am happy to announce that my favorite feature of the new iOS is the ability for your device to do a “smart purge” for you. No more managing storage options, backing up and deleting pictures, and removing music. iOS 9 has the ability to detect which apps can be temporarily removed for the install, then your device performs the necessary install only to finish up by reinstalling those apps when finished! WHERE HAS THIS BEEN!? So, Wednesday enjoy the last manual purge before you install iOS 9 because from now on your phone will do it for you!

P.S. Don’t forget to take a look at the new improvements to the notes app and the new news app. They won’t disappoint!