Sound and Light Review

Greetings Students!

Tomorrow you will embark on a journey that will help me to see how much about sound and light you remember from our discussions this past week…that’s right…you are taking a test. Now before you throw a party in excitement, please take a moment to review the material we discussed would be on this test by reading through the LIGHT AND SOUND REVIEW (<–CLICK).

At the bottom of the review are just a few sample questions with a link to the answers. You will also see vocabulary highlighted in RED throughout the document. Make sure you know how to use this vocabulary and make sure you know how to answer the questions at the bottom. Just a note you will NOT be given the speed equation. Make sure you study that as well. As of right now it is equally likely that this test will be either on paper or online. You will find out when you get to class tomorrow.

Happy studying and be sure to CONTACT ME if you have any questions!