Welcome Back!

Google-ClassroomIt is always refreshing to start a new school year! New supplies, new teachers, new classes and many faces reconnecting after a long hot summer. This year has been no exception! Here we are at the end of our first (almost) full week and I have to say that we are off to a great start!

Each week I will be posting a summary of the weeks events. Please take time to read the events that correspond to your student(s). I teach all of our Middle School Science here at ESM ,and as such not everything posted in my weekly summary may apply to your student(s).

6th Grade Science

This week the students got onto their school Google accounts for the first time. In the 6th grade we introduce the idea of using email and online storage solutions like Google Drive. These are powerful tools and we help the students figure out how to use them effectively. We will be working with Google a lot so stay tuned for more information!

Homework for the Weekend: Each student should login to their school google account at home!

7th and 8th Grade Science

At ESM the 7th and 8th grade science classes work through a two year rotation where we focus our attention on the four natural sciences; biology, chemistry, earth science and physics. This year we will focus on biology and chemistry related topics. Starting next week we will be digging deeper into the world of sub-atomic particles and the development of our understanding of the atom! We also will be using a online content management system called Google Classroom this year. Google classroom is a place where teachers can post announcements, assignments, and share resources for students to complete and utilize. We have encouraged the students to login at home, download the apps and to share what they are doing with you! This resource will be used by a couple to teachers this year.

Homework for the Weekend: We have been working with an online news site called Newsela. Students need to login to their Newsela account (using their school google login) and finish reading and taking quizzes for the two assigned articles.