One Down – Here we Go!

Greetings and Happy Friday! 

Emmanuel Lutheran ChurchEach year it is always interesting to see how the different classes mesh and meld to form their own personalities. Some are loud, some athletic, some quiet (very rare) and some more academically driven than others. No matter how each class develops one thing remains the same; Christ is at the center each and every day. This truly is the greatest gift of an education at ESM! As a teacher here it is a pleasure to pray for and serve my students.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to know you, your child and your family! We are truly blessed by our families! Now, as we head into the long weekend please read through the notes for 6th, 7th and 8th grade below!

6th Grade Science News

One down, more to go! We finished our first unit today! We took the “Introduction to Science” test and I hope to have grades in first thing next week. As we progress into our next unit please be talking to your students about Google Classroom and asking them what they are doing each and every day. If you haven’t had your student show you Google Classroom yet please ask them to. Navigate around it. Look at the work and calendar options. Have them show you Newsela (a news website). More information about our next unit will be coming next week. The topic however will be “Matter and Motion.” Blessings and have a great weekend!

7th and 8th Grade News 

This week we finished our first unit “Introduction to Science”, took the test and are now working on starting our next unit “The Atom“. The tests have been graded and the students received their test reports back in class today. Please note that my policy is to not offer any sort of extra credit. While many students did very well your student may not have done as well as they had hoped. This happens with any test. Please be aware that I offer an opportunity for all students to sit down with me to go over their tests individually if they so choose. If you would like to encourage your student to meet with me it will have to be before or after school because I teach every period of the day. Please email me if you would like to schedule a time after reviewing their test grade.

On a different note, this week each 7th and 8th grade student were extended the opportunity to serve in a new ministry at Emmanuel Lutheran Church called Emmanuel Pals. They received an application from Mr. Pennekamp and Mrs. Bornheimer who are both involved in leading and planning for this ministry. This is truly a wonderful opportunity for us to cultivate a spirit of humility, service and Christ like love to children from Washington Elementary that will be coming over to participate in reading related activities. This is truly a ministry opportunity and a chance for ESM and Emmanuel to show the love of Christ to many young children, many of which may not be believers. Please talk with your student about this opportunity! We have 25 openings and would love to fill them all with students!

7th Grade Specific Notes – Creation Museum Update

A full packet of information went home today for all 7th grade students and their parents regarding our trip to the Creation Museum. It has payment information and everything you need to make sure your student (and yourself if you are a chaperone) are prepared on December 16th.