18 Days and Counting


I hope that by this point in the school year you are all in a great routine at home. If you haven’t heard we are into the second science unit in each grade and moving along nicely. We just passed 18 school days on our calendar…whew! Where has the time gone? As such, we are now in a position where most every teacher has entered at least some grades and Mid-term is a week and a half away. At the middle school level students become ineligible at either mid-term or the end of each quarter if they have two D level grades or one F level grade. Please be sure to talk to your student about their grades and check for missing assignments on fast direct!

6th Grade

pvc_trebuchet_1The sixth grade has been studying motion! It has been a lot of fun thus far and we are looking forward to doing some activities next week. In November we are going to be participating in what has been called the ESM Learning Fair. However, this year it is changing its focus a little bit to be a STEM fair. As such, the 6th grade will be making trebuchets and I couldn’t be more excited! More details are coming however, next week a letter will be coming home requesting that each student bring in $5-$8 for this project. Materials are not cheap and we will be doing this as an extension of the classroom. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

I have also posted this weeks notes for your students to see. You can see a copy of these notes by clicking HERE or you can scroll to the end of this post.

7th & 8th Grade

chemistry-atom-proton-electron-animation-17In 7th and 8th grade we are focusing our efforts on atomic theory and looking at the development of the atom. There is not a whole lot to report on this front except that I have posted this weeks notes. You can find them by clicking HERE. Or you can scroll to the end of this post. Please stay informed as I will be sending information home about this year’s STEM Fair which will be November 11th at the Getz Rd campus. Thank you!

7th Grade Creation Museum Update

  • Informational Packet
  • Dates to Remember
    • October 3rd ALL PAYMENTS ARE DUE!
    • October 3rd ALL FOOD ORDERS DUE!