Mid-Quarter Reports are Here! #OhBoy #NotSoBad #GetPumped


Yes, to answer all the questions…I did put hashtags in the title of my post! :-D.

We are 1/8 of the way done with the school year and many tasks, obligations, and important dates are upon us! Let me start with a list of important dates for everyone!

  • Tuesday September 20th – Picture Day!
  • Thursday September 22nd – Grade reports go home.
  • Friday September 23rd – Students should be about halfway through their reading goals!
  • Tuesday September 27th – Move-A-Thon Pledges are due!
  • Thursday/Friday September 29th/30th is the Move-A-Thon!

If you missed the school wide email this week regarding the Move-A-Thon I have posted a link to the files you should read below:

6th Grade

This week we focused our attentions on motion! We have been looking at the definition of speed and this next week we are going to be calculating it in class. If you student seems to be struggling with these ideas here is a helpful website to have them look at and try some problems! We are also going to be starting our STEM Fair (formerly known as the learning fair) projects soon. We are going to be building PVC pipe trebuchets! These are going to be an entirely in school project. As such we will be sending home a sheet requesting help financially. We are asking that 6th grade families donate $4-$6 to help with the project.  Also, if anyone owns a miter hand saw, I could use an extra one or two to help with the construction of our projects. Please let me know if you have any questions!

7th/8th Grade

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-8-58-55-pmWe are studying the atom and are starting to get into some pretty specific information. As such, I would recommend that if you feel like your student is struggling that they watch some of the videos in the below playlist! Also, there is a great online interactive the students will be exploring this week that I would encourage you all to try. Click the image to the right to give it a go!