The End of the Quarter: BClassroom Updates


IMG_3861.JPGIt has been two weeks since I last posted but we have been truly busy here at ESM. We have had our fall fundraiser (Move-A-Thon) where we raised over $18,000 dollars thanks to the generosity and support of many! Praise God! We also have had mid-term, the ending of a sports season, grandparents day, and in the sciences, trebuchet building and the start of Lego Club!

6th Grade Science

This past Tuesday night, 6th grade students and their parents helped to build four trebuchets for our unit on motion in 6th grade. The students learn to measure, cut, prime, and glue PVC pipe based on a certain design. I would personally like to thank everyone that came! The students had a great time and it was a wonderful blessing to me to see all the parents and students working together on this project. Again, for everyone that participated either the night of or financially, you have my sincerest thanks! Moving forward we will be using the trebuchets to experiment to come up with an optimal design. We will be working with speed, velocity, distance, time, data collection, graphing, and engineering design. We will present our findings at the STEM Fair!

7th/8th Grade STEM Fair

Yesterday I posted to our online educational system Google Classroom, the packets that we will be using in the 7th and 8th grade for the STEM Fair. The students will be exploring various activities in a unit that I would like to call “Kitchen Science.” There are two options for students.

They can choose either 1. do an at home project or 2. a demonstartion that they can perform the night of the STEM Fair. Each student will have to create a poster project (either individually or with another person) and each student will create their own lab report based on their work on this project. I have provided over 20 options for students to choose from. It is my goal to meet your needs and schedule while helping the students to explore science on their own. So, if you would like to see your student explore the properties of dry ice or isolate the DNA of a strawberry, have them show you the packets I posted and don’t hestiate to send me any questions that you have.

A timeline and rubric for grading with be forthcoming. For now, students just need to sign up for a project and pick a partner if they would like to work with another person. This is required to be done by no later than Wednesday of next week.

Looking Ahead…

  • We are going to a play at CLHS in the 6th-8th grades Monday August 17th
  • The CLHS Math Science Adventure offered to ESM 7th and 8th grade students will happen October 26th in the evening. More information to come.
  • Parent teacher conferences are in a couple of weeks.

Last Remarks

We are having a great year thus far! I have truly enjoyed working with your students. It is great to see them engaged in studying scientific principles, ideas, habits. Please do not hesitate to send me comments or questions. Blessings!

Mr. B