Literature + Science = Awesome! Check this out! #ahsphysics #ahschemistry

As a science teacher it is always my goal to expose students to authentic scientific writing. However, often times this is a challenge because many scientific writings are at a level above that of your standard high school student. Introducing the Young Scientists Journal! This is a journal written and edited by students age 12-20. If you are interested in learning more I invite you to check out their website by clicking HERE. You can check out their most recent publication below:

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Flipped Classroom Quest – Update!

Flipping a classroom can be a lot of work, and many of us that attempt such a thing often times explore the every expansive world of screencasting as a result! Recently I updated my “Screencasting  and Flipped Classroom Quest” page. Check it the excerpt below…

iPad Approach

Recently I have acquired a full size iPad and I find that using good notes (app) in conjunction with Reflector (computer software) and screencast-o-matic is amazing. First, Reflector allows…

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Remind 101

Hey Students,

Looking for a quick and painless way to stay connected with class updates?? Then check out my links to Remind 101! It is a free text messaging service that you can subscribe to by visiting my website.

The service is safe and when you sign up your phone number stays anonymous.

Standard text messaging rates apply. If you have a texting plan this is a great way to get that last minute message that we have a quiz in class, or that you need your book for class on tuesday. Check it out! Click HERE.