Trebuchet’s and Kitchen Chemistry


Well, I will get right to it. This week we are wrapping up some basic units in motion for 6th grade and The Atom for the 7th and 8th graders. As such, we are now transitioning and looking ahead to this year’s STEM Fair (formerly known as the learning fair). Please read through the grade level notes to find out Continue reading


The Sky is Falling! An “Eggcelent” Project!

Hello Everyone!

Well here we go! We are about to embark on a journey that will help us to use what we have been learning about motion, gravity, acceleration, velocity and momentum! This week and the first part of next week the students are going to design and build an apparatus that can protect an egg from a second story drop! This project code named “The Sky is Falling” will challenge students to work in creatively in groups to accomplish this given objective. While I am more concerned about the science behind the project, there is incentive to do good work as extra credit will be awarded for spectacular survival and minor points taken off if the egg becomes quite scrambled and indeed “can’t be put back together again” :-). Please take some time to review the activity guide which will be going home with students tomorrow by clicking here:

Please note that this activity will count as an assessment (TEST GRADE) and therefore you should encourage your students to keep up with the timeline posted at the end of the activity guide. Students will also be receiving a rubric so they know exactly how this will be scored. Have a blessed week and thanks for reading!

Electric Nation #PBS #ahsphysics #ahschemistry

Have you ever wondered how we power the vast expanse of the United States? In this free documentary series called “America Revealed” host Yul Kwon takes us inside the vast energy grid and gives us a behind the scenes look at how we supply the growing energy needs of Americans.

We will be watching the first 40 minutes of this video in class Friday May 23 for Physics as context for our study on Unit 11 – Electricity. I would also encourage chemistry students to watch this video as it ties in well with our current study on Nuclear energy.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Note: Do you have an Apple TV or iDevice? You can watch this video on the PBS App. Open the App and go to the “More Programs…” option. As a side note, it may be hard to search for the program individually so I recommend looking for the series title “America Revealed.”