Olympus Mons #Ahsphysics #ahschemistry

Hey science students!

Here is a short tidbit of information for you this morning! The tallest mountain/volcano is located on the least likely planet…the small red planet of mars! Olympus Mons is 16 miles high and roughly 350 miles across. It is approximately the size of the state of Arizona. However, it is NOT a steep volcano. You could most likely walk up the side of it. It does however dwarf any volcano here on earth being 3 times larger than Mt. Everest. Have a great day!



Electric Nation #PBS #ahsphysics #ahschemistry

Have you ever wondered how we power the vast expanse of the United States? In this free documentary series called “America Revealed” host Yul Kwon takes us inside the vast energy grid and gives us a behind the scenes look at how we supply the growing energy needs of Americans.

We will be watching the first 40 minutes of this video in class Friday May 23 for Physics as context for our study on Unit 11 – Electricity. I would also encourage chemistry students to watch this video as it ties in well with our current study on Nuclear energy.


Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

Note: Do you have an Apple TV or iDevice? You can watch this video on the PBS App. Open the App and go to the “More Programs…” option. As a side note, it may be hard to search for the program individually so I recommend looking for the series title “America Revealed.” 

Great Lakes Ice Cover! #ahsphysics #ahschemistry

Considering that we live in the great state of Michigan, I thought it interesting to look up the current Great Lakes ice cover due to the polar vortexes that have descended down upon us in recent months. I would encourage you to do the same. The Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) has some great satellite imagery that I think many of you would find quite fascinating! Check it out!

Here is a satellite image from yesterday!


Here is an image of the percent coverage (color coded)