Grade 7 Memory Work

Memory work is an important part of being prepared to give an account to all who would hear about the good news of Jesus Christ! [1 Peter 3:15] As christians we are called to live a life holy and pleasing to the Lord and as such it is inevitable that others will asks us about what makes us different. I like to use the analogy of a fishing tackle box. When I go fishing I like to make sure that I have several different types of lures so that I can try different approaches if one doesn’t seem to be working. Like a tackle box, the Holy Scriptures and Luther’s writings are our tackle box for sharing the Good News that we have in Jesus Christ in many different situations.

Below you will find a written copy of the memory work along with weekly audio recordings of each memory assignment opportunity. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! Thank you!

Note: This page is going to work best on a desktop computer or laptop because some features of this page require flash. If you do not see audio players below, then you can click on the “Week Number Links” and you will be routed to the Audioboo Website where I have posted all the recordings. If you CAN see the audio players below you may need to press the triangle button (play button) twice in order for the audio recording to play. Thank you!

Memory Work Packet (PDF Format)

Audio Recordings of the Memory Work

More recordings to come…