Apple in Education Series (iPad and Apple TV integration)

For many educators and administrators the thought of switching to yet another new “device” or “thing” can be daunting. One such device is the iPad. It has been said that Apple dominates education and in many respects that is true. They have the most apps for education (quality apps) and their devices and equipment are designed to work seamlessly when set up correctly. The problem often times is how does one go about implementing the iPad into the educational environment?

I have had some experience in this department. I started from scratch. No devices, no wifi and built a program from the ground up. This is a series of articles written by me, about my experiences implementing iPads and what I have learned along the way. In no way do I consider myself an expert but I have definitely learned some dos and don’ts of iPad and Apple product implementation and I think it only appropriate to share my experiences so others can benefit.

Part 1 – Introduction to iPads in Education

Part 2 – iPad Classroom Models

Part 3A – iPads and Airplay

Part 3B – Apple TV’s and their use in the Classroom

Part 4 – Choosing and Purchasing iPads

Part 5 – A Wifi Solution

**Coming in 2014!

Part 6 – There’s an App for That!**

Part 7 – Volume Purchase Program**

Part 8 – Configuring iPads using Apple Configurator**

Part 9 – Teacher Professional Development**

Part 10 – Planning for iPad Implementation**

Here is a list of more articles that help us to think about the iPad and its role in education:

iPads in the Classroom (Are we iPad focused or student focused?)

Macul Journal Summer ’13 (Page 18)


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