Middle School Chemistry (MSC)

Class FireMiddle School Chemistry (MSC) is a course that focuses primarily on atoms and their interactions with each other! It will highlight the how atoms move and how this relates to their energy. This course is designed to be in alignment with the Indiana State State Science Standards (2010). This course takes a micro to macro approach to learning the material. The course starts with a look at the subatomic particles and their components. Atoms, Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons. It then unfolds their properties and how they work together to create unique substances.

The unit structure is as follows:

MSC Units Textbook Link(s)
Introduction to Science Intro Text
Unit 01 – The Atom Unit 01 Text
Unit 02 – The Periodic Table Unit 02 Text
Unit 03 – States of Matter Unit 03 Text
Unit 04 – Introduction to Energy Unit 04 Text
Unit 05 – Thermal Energy Unit 05 Text
Unit 06 – Chemical Compounds Unit 06 Text
Unit 07 – Chemical Reactions Unit 07 Text
Unit 08 – Solutions, Acids, and Bases  Unit 08 Text
Click here for Full Student Textbook


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