Middle School Earth Science (MSES)

Rotating_earth__slower_Middle School Earth Science (MSES) is a course that focuses primarily on the Earth as a system. It will highlight the processes inside and on the earth. This course is designed to be in alignment with the Indiana State State Science Standards (2010). Unlike the other three courses in this middle school curriculum* this course takes a macro to micro approach to learning the material. The course starts with a big picture look at the earth and its tectonic plates and then progresses to looking at smaller and smaller components. The Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate units are separate from this structure and are like a course within a course. They will be taught as the final units in this course.

The unit structure is as follows:

MSES Units Textbook Link(s)
Unit 01 – Plate Tectonics Unit 01 Text
Unit 02 – Earthquakes & Volcanoes Unit 02 Text (Earthquakes)

Unit 02 Text (Volcanoes)

Unit 03 – Minerals & Rocks Unit 03 Text (Minerals)

Unit 03 Text (Rocks)

Unit 04 – Weathering & Soil Formation Unit 04 Text
Unit 05 – Erosion & Deposition Unit 05 Text
Unit 06 – Atmosphere & the Water Cycle Unit 06 Text (Atmosphere)

Unit 06 Text (Fresh Water)

Unit 06 Text (Oceans)

Unit 07 – Weather & Climate Unit 07 Text (Weather)

Unit 07 Text (Climate)

Unit 08 – Human Impact on the Environment Unit 08 Text (H.I. Land)

Unit 08 Text (H.I. Water)

Unit 08 Text (H.I. Atmosphere)

Unit 09 – Earth’s Past Unit 09 Text 
Click here for Full Student Textbook