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Overview: The focus of this unit is to study the general motion of objects and their velocity. Our studies thus far have focused on data collection and this will continue to be a main focus of this unit.Foxtrot - Check your Answers

Prior Knowledge: It will be important for you to have studied simple algebra and the equation y=mx+b.

Useful Tips: Be sure to have a scientific calculator and graph paper.

Unit Documents

In each unit you can expect there to be a set of standard documents. These documents include but are not limited to a unit outline, notes packet(s), and homework. You can see each of these documents by clicking on the corresponding links below.

Unit 02 Outline

  • The unit outline is a document that contains the agenda for the unit. This includes daily concepts, readings, and homework/assessments. 

Notes Packet AND Diagrams

  • Note packets are information packets designed to help guide you through the note taking process. They contain a basic structure and simple diagrams designed to follow along with the daily instruction. If absent, master note packets (with the information) can be obtained upon request. Note: Some units differentiated parts, therefore the notes packet may be broken down into sections. 

Presentations (N/A This Unit)

  • Presentations are a tool by which I sometime deliver necessary information to students. Presentations may be presented using a variety of resources including but not limited to Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, and iPad apps (i.e. Explain Everything). You can view and print the presentation for this unit by clicking the like above.

Homework Packet w/ Answers

  • The homework is designed to reinforce and practice concepts explored in class. All homework packets are designed to include either example problems AND/OR selected answers to the problems at the END of the packet. 

Equations Sheet

  • The equation sheet is a comprehensive sheet of equations, conversion factors, and physical constants that we will explore and use over the course of this unit.

Textbook Resources

The publisher of our textbook has many great resources online that can help to better understand some of the concepts covered in class. Feel free to take advantage of any or all of these resources. 

Interactive Lesson(s)

Practice Test(s)

Reading Quizzes (N/A this Unit)

Reading quizzes are designed to get students to delve into their textbook or other reading and pick out important pieces of information. Reading quizzes may or may not be assigned in every unit however, when assigned they are designed to be taken online. If a reliable online connection is of concern to you, please let me know ASAP!

Video Lessons

Video lessons are lessons recorded by me for the purpose of assisting you through difficult concepts. At this point in time the list of available videos is limited. Not all content is available online. As new videos become available, news posts will be posted on the front page of If you subscribe to BClassroom via email, facebook, or twitter you will be informed automatically when videos are posted. 

Below is the YouTube playlist for this unit. (Due to the blocking of YouTube on school computers these videos are not currently available on school computers! However you can access them on your mobile device or at home by clicking HERE.)


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