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Overview: Sound! What is it? Where does it come from? These questions and more will be dealt with in this unit focused on the transfer of energy via sound waves. There are quite a few demonstrations in this unit. We will focus on sound creation, properties and applications including music and musical instruments.

Useful Tips: I would highly recommend that any student with a sensitivity to sound seek me out as soon as possible. ALSO, be sure to take note (written or otherwise) of all demonstrations and activities. They will be instrumental (pun intended!) in the assessment of this unit!

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NOTE: If you would like more information regarding the purpose or intention of any of the following items, please look at Unit’s 01 or 02 as they have full descriptions following each item. Thanks!

  • Unit Outline
  • Historical Timeline Activity
  • Rubric for Timeline Activity
  • Homework: 
  • Equations Sheet

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Video lessons are lessons recorded by me for the purpose of assisting you through difficult concepts. At this point in time the list of available videos is limited. Not all content is available online. As new videos become available, news posts will be posted on the front page of If you subscribe to BClassroom via email, facebook, or twitter you will be informed automatically when videos are posted. 

Below is the YouTube playlist for this unit. (Due to the blocking of YouTube on school computers these videos are not currently available on school computers! However you can access them on your mobile device or at home by clicking HERE.)

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