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Podcast Basics

What is a podcast? Well, interestingly enough, the word comes from two words “iPod” and “Broadcast.” It used to be that to hear digital audio content you had to tune into the radio or buy an album and put it on your mp3 player. Then in 2004, the emergence of something new came on the scene…the “Podcast.” Podcasts are audio programs that can be delivered to audio devices and listened to at a person’s convenience. No longer do you have to wait by your radio waiting through commercials to hear your favorite radio program!

As my student your job will be to make a podcast. There are a lot of reasons to have this skill. Much of the news and information put out on the internet today falls into video and audio recordings.

Please see the resources below to get started on this exciting and Podtastic Project!!!


Project Resources
MSES – Weather Unit Documents

Podcast Script Documents

 Audio Resources
 Podcast Examples Science Podcasts from Listen Current

Children’s Podcasts (K-5 Grade)

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