PA Unit 04 – Applications of Proportions

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Main Idea: Applications of Proportions

Overview: In this unit (chapter 04) you will learn about ratios, rates and proportions. You will learn how to use proportions to solve problems involving similar polygons, scale models, and indirect measurement.

Unit Break Down:

  • 4-1 Ratios and Rates
  • 4-2 Converting Units
  • 4-3 Solving Proportions
  • 4-4 Similar Figures and Proportions
  • 4-5 Similarity Transformations
  • 4-6 Scale Models and Maps
  • 4-7 Similarity and Indirect Measurement

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Textbook Resources

We don’t have very many online resources for this book, however there are some similar books that have online resources that may be helpful in practicing ideas were are talking about in class. Below are links to a complimentary textbook for Indiana Pre-Algebra Level Mathematics.