PA Unit 05 – Applications of Percents

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Unit 05

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Main Idea: Applications of Percents

Overview: In this unit (chapter 05) you will learn about percents, how to write them, use them and apply them to a variety of applications. 

Unit Break Down:

  • 5-1 Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
  • 5-2 Estimating with Percents
  • 5-3 Percents and Proportions
  • 5-4 Percents and Equations
  • 5-5 Percent of Change
  • 5-6 Markup and Discount
  • 5-7 Simple Interest
  • 5-8 Ratios and Probability

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Textbook Resources

We don’t have very many online resources for this book, however there are some similar books that have online resources that may be helpful in practicing ideas were are talking about in class. Below are links to a complimentary textbook for Indiana Pre-Algebra Level Mathematics.