PA Unit 09 – Using Graphs to Analyze Data

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Main Idea: Using Graphs to Analyze Data

Overview: This unit in pre-algebra focuses primarily on how to take data sets (tables, lists…etc.) and turn them into graphs. We then focus on various types of graphs, how to read and make them and when to use the appropriate model.

Unit Break Down:

  • 9-1 Finding Mean, Median, and Mode
  • 9-2 Displaying Frequency
  • 9-3 Venn Diagrams
  • 9-4 Reading Graphs Critically
  • 9-5 Stem and Leaf Plots
  • 9-6 Box and Whisker Plots (Optional)
  • 9-7 Making Predictions from Scatter Plots
  • 9-8 Circle Graphs (from a computer generated perspective)
  • 9-9 Choosing an appropriate Graph

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Textbook Resources

We don’t have very many online resources for this book, however there are some similar books that have online resources that may be helpful in practicing ideas were are talking about in class. Below are links to a complimentary textbook for Indiana Pre-Algebra Level Mathematics.

There is no corresponding material for this unit in the online text we have been using for this course.