Prophet Projects

Each year we take some time to study the old testament prophets as part of a 4 week unit in Religion. The list of prophets is below:bible_jonah

  • Old Testament Book
    • Esther
  • Major Prophets
    • Ezekiel
    • Daniel
  • Minor Prophets
    • Hosea
    • Amos
    • Jonah
    • Micah
    • Malachi
    • Zephaniah
    • Zechariah
    • Obediah

Now, once we have spent some time researching we will create radio broadcasts of our findings. The following sheet (HANDOUT) is required and must be completed for your prophet before you begin writing any scripts or recording any audio for your broadcasts. The handout is meant to help you get the right ideas and picture about your book in the bible. Physical copies will be given to each group prior to the assigned research days.

Once you have done your research you can start writing your scripts. You should be creative. Work in sound effects, give yourselves radio host code names, and even think up some commercials. Here are some examples from last year. (If you are listening to these in class you need to ask to use headphones so you don’t disturb other students)

Below you will find a timetable of the tasks that need to be accomplished and the resources you will have available to you:


  1. Week 1 and Week 2 “Research” (35%)
    1. Students should use these weeks to gather information and ask questions.
    2. Research Resource Link 1
    3. Research Resource Link 2
    4. Research Resource Link 3
  2. Week 3 “Script Writing” (25%)
    1. The groups have to write a script that has equal parts and definite roles assigned. Scripts should include transitions. Where you might pause recordings, add sound effects, and include any commercials. They need to be printed and read through at least once before being turned in. The quality of the work (spelling, structure, complete sentences) will be part of your grade.
  3. Week 4 “Radio Recording” (40%)
    1. This week the students will actually record their work. I recommend the use of a simple cellular device or tablet. If they don’t have access to one, one can be provided for their use at school only.
    2. PRACTICE recording a simple paragraph first. Remember that noises, comments, and other things can show up in the recording so you will need a quiet spot to complete this task.

If any group desires to use a different media source (like video) then they need to speak with me first. This would be acceptable, but only with prior approval.

I hope you all have fun! Please contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you!

Note: The art on this page was created by artist Phillip Martin. You can find more information about his work and restrictions for its use on his website. Thank you!