Part 3 – iPads and AirPlay

Apple TV, iPad, and AirPlay: How it all works!

Probably the best way to use a single iPad in the classroom is through the use of the Apple TV. The Apple TV is a device that allows you to stream content from iTunes, Netflix, MLB TV, Hulu Plus…etc. It’s greatest feature in my book is its ability to mirror not only the screen of your Apple devices (iPad, iPod, Mac Book…etc.) but also the audio from the device as well! Once you have the Apple TV ($99) here is how you connect your iDevice so that you can mirror the screen!


Part 1 – Introduction to iPads in Education

In 2013 I started an iPad implementation at St. Matthew Lutheran Church and School in Walled Lake, MI. For anyone thinking about implementing tablets/iPads into their school there are several things I would encourage you to think about and consider. Being the blogger that I am, I thought that you may find the following information quite useful.

First, the disclaimer. The benefits of this technology are incredible. iPads have the ability to connect students instantly to a wealth of knowledge, BUT, and it is a big BUT, they must be taught how to access this information in a useful and beneficial way. Apps make this easy but they, like the iPads can be expensive. Teachers must be willing to use the iPads and embrace the technology. This often times means that professional development is an absolute MUST. We cannot assume that every teacher can figure out the iPad. They are simple devices for those that have a knack for technology, but in a age where we have such a wide variety of technological abilities, and levels, nothing should be taken for granted including a teachers ability to use technology effectively.

Ok, so the disclaimer is out. Now, Continue reading