Twitter Chats for Educators

10 Twitter Chats for Educators

Are you on twitter? “hashtag” Awesome! If not, you should check it out and learn about this tweeting craze and hashtag mania! Almost every day of the week there are Twitter Chats happening with educators from all over the world who engage in conversation about relevant ideas and practices in education. These chats occur every week and are usually facilitated by an educator on twitter. You can either get in the action or just follow the tweets. You can check out these chats by joining Twitter (if you haven’t already) and search the following “hashtags”:

  • #edtechchat (Monday at 8pm EST) “Educational Technology”
  • #flipclass (Monday at 8pm EST) “Flipped Classroom”
  • #edchat (Tuesday at 7pm EST) “General Education”
  • #spedchat (Tuesday at 9pm EST) “Special Education”
  • #STEMchat (Tuesday at 9pm EST) “STEM”
  • #ntchat (Wednesday at 8pm EST) “New Teachers”
  • #ptchat (Wednesday at 9pm EST) “Parents and Teachers”
  • #gtchat (Friday at 7pm EST) “Gifted and Talented”
  • #satchat (Saturday at 7:30am EST) “General Education”
  • #21stedchat (Sunday at 8pm EST) “21st Century Learning”

If you are completely lost on the whole “Twitter” thing then feel free to contact me and I will help you out! It is a great way to meet educators with your same educational passions!



Part 3B – Apple TV’s and their use in the Classroom

The Apple TV! Some might say “The what?” 

Believe it our not, this is not a TV. Some call it poor product naming, others don’t care. Either way, the little device known as the Apple TV is awesome!

I have previously talked about the apple TV in Part 3A – iPads and Airplay however, upon completing that post, it dawned on me that some of the amazing teachers out there might have questions as to how the apple TV should be set up*. Therefore, I have included some resources that I myself I have found very useful. Here are a couple of items of note:

  • You will need a VGA (video projection port) to HDMI converter for older projectors. ($50-$60). The KANEX VGA to HDMI adapter works well and is sold by Apple Online. You can go to the apple store to purchase one HERE.
  • Apple TV ($99)
  • VGA Cable w/ 1/4″ Audio Jack (Get it on amazon for pennies). The audio support is very important!

Instead of me rambling on, I have included video resources via YouTube and a publication that explain why you need the adapter and how the Apple TV works.

Adapter Review and Setup Video**

Apple TV Exploration (Kevin Honeycutt Video)

Macul Journal Summer ’13 (A publication put out by MACUL. You can find the pertinent info on page 18 of the article)

*NOTE: You will need a wifi connection to use the Apple TV. I recommend a wifi router like this one if you need something quick and simple. 

**NOTE: You don’t need the adapter if you have an HDMI port on your projector. 

Part 2 – iPad Classroom Models

This is the Bretford iPad cart and it works with Generation 2-4 iPads and iPad Mini’s.

How does one deploy iPads in their school?

The answer…it depends.

The reason iPads are so well liked by teachers is because of their simplicity and because of their apps. In order to make the iPad useful in the classroom you need to be able to control both of these things across many devices. You will need to look at who you have on staff that can maintain these devices and what kind of budget do you have for apps (discussed in detail later)? More importantly, and more to the point of this post, how do you pick the model that works best so that the iPads are being used and teachers/students are not overwhelmed?

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