Live From Space

Students, tonight you can actually watch the first live broadcast from the international space station on the National Geographic channel! Tweet your questions to the astronauts and they may answer them on live television. Use the hashtag #livefromspace


Mr. B


The Moon! #coolscience

The Moon! #coolscience

Taken with an old Tasco Telescope and iPad Mini. One of the great things about our mobile devices is they give us the ability to see and share things in new ways. Using the camera of the iPad mini, my wife and I were able to capture this clear image of the moon last night in our backyard. You could use your mobile device to do the same with a stereoscope or microscope! Try it out!

The Fabric of the Cosmos

Physics students, if you missed this week’s class in physics, here is the video we have been watching called “The Fabric of the Cosmos: What is Space?” Please use it to answer (half page minimum) the following questions:

1. How did the ancients and Newton view space?
2. What ideas are shaping our “modern” interpretation of space? (use two and only two specific ideas from the video)