As with all technology, websites, and the like, there comes a time when you may experience difficulty accessing or seeing material. Here are a couple of tips that most often times prove helpful. IF, after trying the following items, you are still experiencing difficulty viewing or accessing material then please contact me!

Quick Fixes

Sometimes being logged in to the right account or having the right program on your computer can help to fix an issue! On this website all documents are hosted in Google Drive. Below are links to some locations that can better help you access these types of files:

If you are experiencing difficulty with website layout/viewing.

  1. Website viewing is not so much a website issue as it is a compatibility issue with the browser you are using. BClassroom doesn’t always function as well on either Internet Explorer or Safari. Therefore, if possible I recommend either Firefox or Chrome for best viewing results.
  2. If you’re using a recommended browser and are still experiencing issues viewing the website then I recommend going into your internet settings (this can usually be accessed in a dropdown menu at the top of your browser) and find a way to clear your cookies and cache. This is just good practice from time to time. Cookies, while useful for websites and optimal viewing experiences, can leave junk on your computer. Clearing the cache and cookies however, may also clear suggested search text, usernames, and passwords so make sure you know that information before taking this step.
  3. If you are still having issues, then try a couple of other sites or come back in 5-10 minutes and reload the page.
  4. At this point if the problem is still not resolved I would please ask that you contact me with a detailed description of the problem, the browser you are using and the page you are trying to access.
  5. Thank you!

If you are experiencing difficulty with a link or online quiz.

  1. Most, if not all of the links, documents, and quizzes that are open for viewing on BClassroom are hosted by google. There is a possibility that while trying to access this content it may not load OR it may say that it is unavailable. The very first thing I recommend when experiencing this problem is to reload the page. High traffic or failure to load the page are common problems that can result in accessibility issues.
  2. After reloading the page if you are still experiencing difficulties then I would recommend you contact me. There are so many different links, documents, and quizzes on BClassroom that it is not always easy to pinpoint the exact problem without a detailed description of that problem.
  3. Thank you!

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