Educational Chats

Educational Chats: Connecting via Twitter

One of the best places to talk and network with many innovative professionals in education is through social media. Twitter is the easiest place to find people talking about education. The following resources are designed to help you connect with other teachers so that together we can grow and support each other.

  1. Here are ten twitter chats that you can take part in on a regular basis. Follow along, tweet and get involved, or sit back and just take it all in.

10 Twitter Chats for Educators

2. Here is a site that has compiled all the twitter chats currently available (January 2018); sorted by day of the week!

LINK: Education Chats

3. Here is a site that has the chats sorted by major topic. 100 popular chats are listed with easy links to each!

LINK: Education Hashtags for Teachers and EdLeaders


**Updated January 2018



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